The Best Flooring for Families with Pets
When considering what type of flooring is best for you and your family it’s also a good idea to consider  your furry family members as well. 60% of all American families own at least one dog. Just because you share your home with your pets doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style and design for utility.
There are so many flooring options available nowadays that it’s relatively easy to find the right flooring to fit you lifestyle. While there is no wrong choice when deciding which type of flooring to have installed in your home there are options that might be more practical for your family and your pets.
Let’s start with carpeting. Carpet can be a perfectly acceptable choice for families that have pets who are already potty trained. Carpeting is one of the quieter choices but it will have to be cleaned every 6 months or so and animal claws can snag the loops in the fibers.
Laminate flooring looks as durable as hardwood but much the same as carpet it can be seriously damaged if your pets aren’t housebroken. Unlike carpeting however you can replace damaged sections of laminate flooring as needed.
Hardwood can be a great pet friendly flooring option as it can easily be refinished if it gets damaged. Certain types of hardwood can be too soft and will gouge and scratch easily so make sure that you get a durable wood like ash, bamboo or walnut.
After hardwood tile is the number one choice for pet owners. Tiles don’t scratch and cannot be damaged by moisture so it’s often the most employed type of flooring for families with pets. The only downfall to tile is that it can be a little uncomfortable for pets to lie on but that can be solved simply by adding a few throw rugs.
Making the decision to have new flooring installed in your home is a great idea for your quality of life as well as for the resale value of your home. Taking the extra time to consider which type is best for your pets can save a lot of money in cleaning, repairs and replacements.

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